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Usage Area of Sulfur

In ancient times, sulfur was used as a germicidal or disinfectant, medicine, a substance that bleached laundry, and especially as an incense item in religious ceremonies. The Romans also mixed the sulfur with tar, resin or bitumen to take advantage of it as a weapon to fire. However, after the discovery of gunpowder in medieval times, sulfur became a basic raw material, which is widely used and cannot be replaced by any other substance. Ultimately, sulfur gained importance as a mineral raw material in the 18th and 19th centuries.
When it was understood that sulfuric acid was an inexpensive and versatile acid, it became one of the most used acids in a short time, especially in the early stages of the chemical industry in the early 19th century. For this reason, it became one of the main basic raw materials in addition to sulfur, coal, lime and table salt in the chemical industry.
80-85% of all sulfur used in the world is formed from sulfuric acid. 80% of this (about 60% of total sulfur consumption) is used in the production of fertilizers, especially phosphate fertilizers. A large proportion of sulfuric acid, up to 20% of total sulfur consumption, is also used in the refining of oil (usually for extraction), in steel production (for refining crude steel), in the artificial material industry (in the production of artificial rubber, plastic, artificial silk fabric, adhesive and other fibers).
Used in the paint and paper industries. It is widely applied in less important areas such as the production of sulfuric acid, soap, drug, lead accumulators, explosives, pesticides and a wide variety of chemicals containing sulfur.Sulfuric acid in lead accumulator is one of the basic parts of the device. Elemental sulfur is used to harden rubber with sulfur, to make gunpowder, matches and certain types of insulators. Sulfur powder is used as an exterminating drug in agriculture, parasitic mushrooms in agriculture, and in the treatment of skin diseases in pharmacy. Sulfur tablets are taken as a tonic to drink. An important application is to use element sulfur, fertilizer as a supportive substance.
The main use of sulfur is sulfuric acid synthesis, an extremely important substance for the industry. Sulfur powder is sprinkled in vineyards and gardens to kill mushrooms. These fungi, a parasite, damage plants. Natural rubber is not too hard and durable. Rubber is vulcanized for use as a tire. This is a sulfur heating process; increases stiffness and endurance. Sulfur is also used in making black powder, matches and various drugs. Sulfur is located near active or extinct volcanoes.
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