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We are a trust-oriented company that trades and processes refined (Granular) sulfur micronization (20µ, 45µ, 90µ and above). With our machine park capable of manufacturing and packaging at world standards; We direct our activities in both domestic and international markets with our product quality and delivery principle when promised. Sharing our internationally accredited laboratory analysis and products with our buyers on our website and not sacrificing our product quality in any way is the biggest indicator of our reliability in market conditions.


With the analyzes we have made in the accredited laboratories of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (AgrioLABEN Food and Agricultural Deppo Special Control Laboratory - METU Central Laboratory Zeta particle measurement laboratory); Our sulfur thinning ability has been determined to be up to 7.6μ. This measure puts us among the companies that make micronized sulfur processes worldwide.

7,6μ and above thinning ability and 2000 kg / hour. our production capacity allows us to use all sulfur It enables us to provide raw materials for the sectors.
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